AI-powered chatbot that automated Winter services

How we did it


As a leading service provider for B2B winter care services in Germany, our client manages a vast network of independent contractors tasked with clearing snow from various locations such as parking lots, business premises, hospitals, hotels, and government buildings. Each cleaning operation requires detailed documentation, including time logs, task fulfillment status, and any encountered difficulties, often accompanied by photo evidence.


With the company's expansion, the number of contractors and their deployments skyrocketed, resulting in an overwhelming increase in manual workload. Handwritten documents with missing or incomplete information compounded the issue, necessitating multiple rounds of communication with contractors to gather essential details.


To address these challenges, we devised and implemented an AI-driven chatbot solution. This innovative tool automates the documentation process for deployments, verifies task completion, records photos, and collects additional necessary information reducing manual intervention by >80% and boosting operational efficiency.

Contractors can effortlessly input service information via WhatsApp, utilizing a flexible query system tailored to each unique situation. Subsequently, the data is securely stored and made accessible to the client’s ERP system, providing transparent insights into all deployments within their area. This enhanced transparency fosters trust and confidence in the service provided.

“The power of combining AI and RPA revolutionizes business processes by not only saving time and resources but also fostering innovation and strengthening competitiveness.“

Dr. Michaela Meier
Co-CEO Modulu