AI Powered Business Process Automation

Introduce AI solutions to your business with the help of 1648.AI. We assist in identifying problem areas, designing and implementing tailored solutions, and providing ongoing support when you need it.

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Use Cases

AI-Enhanced Social Media Marketing

We developed an AI-powered solution for an e-commerce retailer to automate social media content creation and scheduling, enhancing engagement and reducing manual effort.


saved per year

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AI-Driven Tender Proposal Automation

We developed an AI-driven system for a client to automate tender searches and proposal preparation, reducing labor and time. The system uses NLP and machine learning to generate compliant, customized proposals, improving efficiency and response times.


increase in efficiency

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Automated Healthcare Compliance Documentation

We developed an AI Agent for a health sector client, automating documentation to reduce time by 90% and minimize errors, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving efficiency.


increase in efficiency

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AI-powered chatbot for customer services

We created an AI-driven chatbot for a leading mechanical engineering client, automating 80% of customer inquiries. This solution improved response times, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced service costs by streamlining the service department's workload.


saved per year

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AI-supported Modulu learning platform

We have developed an AI-powered learning platform that transforms children's education with current, curriculum-aligned lessons, including videos, quizzes, and personalized AI tutor support tailored to each learner's journey, all within an engaging, user-centric portal.

>250.000 €

saved per year

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AI-powered chatbot that automated Winter services

Our AI-driven chatbot automates service call recording, verification, and data documentation, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency. Integration with RPA minimizes manual processes, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.

>200.000 €

saved per year

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Our Process

We implement AI solutions for your business in three sequential steps

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Step 1: Definition of use cases

First, we explore potential use cases and predict the ROI

The list of use cases can be updated regularly based on new ideas or opportunities arising from new AI-models.

Step 2: Classification and prioritization

We classify the use cases based on ROI and start implementing the most valuable ones

This gives the decision-makers in an organization a clear AI roadmap.

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Step 3: Implementation

Together with your company, we create intelligent and automated processes

AI agents
Interfaces (API)
User interfaces

Large Language Models Stack

We implement use cases in a modular architecture so that AI models can be replaced as soon as better technology becomes available.

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Open AI
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Mistral AI
Mistral AI
Google Gemini
Google Gemini

How We Can Help You

1648.AI offers turnkey Enterprise AI solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, finance, government, utilities, and defense. Our offer includes capability building for your teams.



1 day

Jumpstart AI automation with a one-day intensive session

  • Introduction of AI Cases
  • Brainstorming of potential cases
  • Prioritization of Cases based on Impact

Exec. Briefing

2 hr

Discuss your specific needs and how our products can meet them.


Analysis & Concept
individual per case

2-3 days

Deep dive into AI possibilities and plan implementation

  • Analysis of current process or new process
  • Improving process
  • Planning of implementation

individual per case

3-10 weeks

Bring AI solutions to life with our expert team

  • Technical implementing of case
  • Testing case
  • Documenting case
Regular review of new use cases and technological progress
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individual per case

>3 month

Keep your AI systems running smoothly

  • Maintenance of case
  • Hosting of case (optional)
  • Ongoing support

Build up knowhow within your team

  • Initial one time training
  • Ongoing capability building
  • Strategic advisory

Let’s talk

Laurin Wettwer
Laurin Wettwer
Senior Consultant
Benjamin Schrader
Benjamin Schrader
Director 1648.AI

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