AI-powered chatbot for customer services

How we did it


Our client, a major player in the mechanical engineering industry, handles thousands of customer inquiries monthly across the DACH region. These inquiries, received via telephone and email, range from questions about delivery times and product availability to requests for installation instructions and spare parts advice. Traditionally, each query has been addressed manually by the service department's employees.


As the company's growth accelerated, so did the volume of customer inquiries. This surge imposed a significant time burden on the service staff, who struggled to keep up with the influx of questions. Consequently, response times increased, leading to a decline in customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the rising costs associated with scaling the service department to meet demand deteriorate the company's operational efficiency.


To overcome these challenges, we developed and implemented an advanced AI-driven chatbot tailored for the service department. This intelligent tool is capable of answering a wide array of customer inquiries autonomously, including questions about delivery times, product availability, spare parts, product information, returns, and installation instructions. The chatbot integrates seamlessly with the client's data sources, enabling it to process text, files, and images effectively.

By automating 80% of first-level inquiries, the chatbot significantly reduces the manual workload of the service team. This leads to faster response times for written inquiries, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, the solution alleviates pressure on the service department, allowing them to focus on more complex issues that require human intervention. As a result, the company enjoys increased operational efficiency and reduced service costs while delivering a superior customer experience.

“The power of combining AI and RPA revolutionizes business processes by not only saving time and resources but also fostering innovation and strengthening competitiveness.“

Dr. Michaela Meier
Co-CEO Modulu