AI-supported Modulu learning platform

How we did it


In the landscape of education in Germany, numerous challenges have emerged, creating a complex environment for both students and educators alike. With 39% of students not studying in their native language, and approximately 20% identified as Dyslexic Thinkers, the diversity of learning needs is immense. Furthermore, critical deficits in school mathematics affect 19% of apprentices, exacerbated by a shortage of 66,000 teachers and a dropout rate of 16% during the teaching training period. Projections indicate a staggering increase of 1 million students by 2025, further straining an already stretched system.


The educational ecosystem grapples with numerous hurdles, from significant gaps in teacher availability to a notable shortfall in instructional time. On average, there's an 8% rate of class cancellations, with STEM subjects experiencing even higher rates exceeding 15%. Additionally, depending on the region, substitute teaching can consume between 7-22% of instructional hours. The reduction in full-day schooling leads to early dismissals, disrupting learning continuity. With classrooms hosting an average of 10 nationalities and languages, the challenge of catering to diverse learning styles and needs becomes increasingly intricate. Dyslexic Thinkers require an extra hour daily to process learning materials, while over 437,000 apprentices had to terminate their vocational training due to academic shortcomings. The ability to address individual learning requirements for both enrichment and remediation has become increasingly constrained.


To tackle these multifaceted challenges, we have developed an innovative approach that combines Neuroscience and AI-Technology to offer personalized learning modules, based on the actual curriculum. By democratizing access to academic achievement, this solution empowers students to navigate a tailored learning journey.

An AI Tutor has been introduced to foster deeper comprehension, accelerate learning pace, and instill curiosity and confidence. This tutor not only assists students in achieving their individualized goals but also supports them in excelling in assessments and coursework. By leveraging the power of AI, students can access adaptive learning experiences that cater to their unique strengths and areas for development, ensuring that no learner is left behind in the pursuit of educational success.

“The power of combining AI and RPA revolutionizes business processes by not only saving time and resources but also fostering innovation and strengthening competitiveness.“

Dr. Michaela Meier
Co-CEO Modulu